Story of a Photograph: Watch Tower

Watch-Tower, NW England

Following on my SOAP series –  (Story of a Photograph)

Number 2: Watch-Tower

Photography can be like a crop-tool for the mind, filtering out the unnecessary and distracting, leaving only that what feeds the soul.

One of the interesting things about photography can be the opportunity to create something that isn’t quite as it seems, simply by use of careful framing. It isn’t very often that such opportunities arise, although the mundane of the everyday around us can suddenly become symbolic and other worldly in these moments, an instant when our imagination and vision merge into one. As a photographer you can be both documenter and story-writer all in one, to play with certainty and bend realism as one wishes, it can make for a more interesting way of seeing things.

The image above might seem at first glance to be a guard-tower, at a prison or military-facility maybe, no doubt I could pass it off as that if I wished. But what the eye sees can occasionally be misleading. In this reality the guards are mere dummies, the watch-tower a fake mock-up at a local theme park, it is merely a pretence.

This is the reality, the photograph itself can be something else.