I am not a tree-shooter as such, I don’t specialise in it that way, it’s not really my thing. But there is one tree that keeps me coming back time after time, whenever I see it I find myself wanting to capture its singular presence… and that tree is the pine. Tall, majestic, emotive, impressive, handsome, moody, surreal; these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of pines. Capture some on a foggy day as I once did and you can easily become all but lost in the beauty of these sentinels of the forest, keeping guard as they do over their wooded domain.

Most people consider the oak to be Britain’s foremost tree, but for me it will always be the pine. Maybe one day when I have shot enough of them I can create a zine or small book; a small homage to, in my opinion…

the most photogenic of all trees.