Manchester, GB – 2014

I took this photograph in August 2014, but since then I haven’t posted it to any media platform. I guess I was concerned that I may inflame certain sensitivities or people would take it the wrong way and think that I was trying to convey some sort of message (I may be over thinking this but I worry about such things). With the passing of time I feel more comfortable about sharing it, as I have come to realise it is simply, as can be seen by viewing the shot, an unbiased documentary image, nothing more.

I wouldn’t profess to know enough about the situation to pass any comment anyway, either way. Although looking at the photograph now it does get me thinking about the bigger picture; which is that the world is an incredibly small place when placed in the context of the universe, a tiny dot in the never-ending star-strewn cosmos of which we are a part. Thought of like that then it is obvious that we are all literally next door neighbours, brothers and sisters, and it seems odd that we can’t just get along.

In present day 2017 things seem even worse, what with all the tension and terrorism plaguing the world. It is a worrying time to live, what will the world be like for our children, and their children too. Will the world ever truly be as one?

This is a blog about photography, but sometimes the images that you take lead your mind down roads that get you thinking about bigger things, the issues of our lives and the world as a whole. I will end this rather reflective post with the words of John Lennon’s song: Imagine… It seems appropriate.