Moel Famau

Moel Famau, NE Wales, GB


Only an hour from home, Welsh language signage tells me we are near.
Pass by Yr Wyddgrug, then on through Loggerheads.
Bwlch Penbarras takes us to our destination,
Small car-park amongst the trees: £2.00 entry and the hill is ours.

The air is warm-ish, 18 or 19c, House-Martins welcome us on the wing.
We start the climb, up the trail though stands of pines, a world suddenly silent.
Gravel underfoot, slit of sky above, the Clwydian Range our quest for the day.
Later we break tree cover, heather moorland awaits and a sight of our goal.

The terrain becomes steeper, views arrive left and right, we are finally free.
To follow the trail is our only thought, all else is forgotten, worries and all.
When everything is faraway and small so are your troubles,
Feeling the world at your feet is oddly uplifting, to recharge, refresh.

The summit arrives, we are not alone, many join us, too many maybe, hard
To feel alone even here; but never mind, the vista takes such thoughts away.
We take a seat, eat, drink, wander, take photographs… what else is there to do?
But soak in the views one last time, then descend from whence we came…

Back to the real world: Farewell Moel Famau, until next time.