60 Seconds

Sometimes all it takes is 60 Seconds out of your day to – refresh the soul

Working away from home. Kind of tired I guess, coming to the end of a long week. I didn’t have much time to stop, but yet I knew I couldn’t pass such a place and not at least pause… .

I pulled over to the side of the road and strolled across to the lake-shore. It was eerily quite, not a soul about, just the sound of the water lapping against the shingle. I wanted to stay; I wished that I could pitch-up a tent and spend the night there just listening to the water and the wind; soothing my tiredness away, but time was against me, I had to keep moving to the next destination. So instead I made a video, knowing that I could play it back later and re-live the moment over. It seemed wrong to condense everything that I was feeling into one short minute, a blink of an eye really…

In the end though, looking back… 60 seconds was enough, enough time to refresh my soul