Versus: The Journey

I guess I am kind of eclectic (that’s eclectic not electric) when it comes to photography. I am the type of person that if I only shot Colour or BW I would surely miss the other. It is hard to have consistency in your images when you shoot like this, but in some ways inconsistency is its own form of consistency… I am consistently inconsistent is what I mean.

This got me thinking about running a series where I post single images with both the BW and Colour shot side by side, as a kind of comparison of sorts. It seems to me that whether a shot is coloured or mono can have implications of how our minds perceive it, the stories we make-up in our minds whenever we see an image can be twisted by both light, shade and hue. Does the photograph do this, or is it our own thoughts and backgrounds, our own personal histories that shape the story?

First up: The Journey

This shot was taken on a train journey somewhere between Swansea and Bristol in South Wales, GB. I was away working at the time and the guy in the seat in front, reflected in the window of the train, seems to be, much like myself, wistfully thinking when will he be home again.