There is a saying…

Self Portrait (bathroom mirror)

There is a saying that goes – Necessity is the mother of invention. For the documenting photographer that should read – Boredom is the mother of creativity.

Sometimes we can be at our most creative when the dreaded rut comes, when the photographers version of writers-block rears its ugly head and devours our self-confidence. When the block happens you can sometimes feel like it will never go away, that you will never again feel the buzz of the moment captured, that moment of elation at having captured the ephemeral instant with just a click of your finger, that instant that makes all the fruitless days worthwhile.

At times like this it can be good to break away from your usual style (street, landscape, whatever it may be) and play around for a few hours; the child in us never really leaves us, we just have to let it out now and again: A discarded ripped-up portrait print, a mirror, a rainy day, boredom; these are all the ingredients needed to try something different…

to break from the monotony and play for a while.