Lobby, Adelphi Hotel – Liverpool

In the city of Liverpool, England there is a hotel called the Adelphi, a rather imposing edifice at the top of Ranelagh Street which is kind of hard to ignore, I never thought I would stay there…

Last weekend I did.

Inside it is pure early twentieth-century, a place that when built was considered the most luxurious hotel outside London. Those days are now long gone, although still grand in parts, overall it now gives an air of slow decay and neglect; but I was still glad to stay there, a box that I have long wanted to tick, to wake and find myself in the Adelphi then exit from the grand entrance into the morning air with the city at my feet. Maybe I watched too many classic black and white movies as a kid, the kind where stars, such as Clark Gable and Katharine Hepburn, would exit from just such a hotel, climb into an open-topped sedan car and disappear into the credits.

Our childhoods have more influence on us than we actually realise, and can come back to us when we least expect, it seems to me.

Hotel Wildlife

Our room, towards the top of the hotel, was small with the hint of an ever so slight musty smell. I didn’t mind it that much because it was kind of fitting really, a sign of the hotels age and history. It is said that people such as Frank Sinatra and Laurel and Hardy have stayed at the Adelphi, and a certain western star known as Roy Rogers (who travelled everywhere with his horse Trigger).

Maybe we had Triggers room, it certainly would explain the smell.

Impromptu 01:00am self-portrait

After our evening out at a concert we arrived back at the hotel around midnight and took in a last drink at the hotel bar in the lobby. There is something, I feel, about drinking in a small hotel bar late at night that is somehow different to drinking in a normal pub; not necessarily better or worse, just different. Maybe it is that old movie thing again, like it makes you feel as if you are in one. The barmaid did have a certain old-time look about her now I come to think about it.

Anyways, I didn’t take that many photos during our stay, and I guess this post isn’t really about photography, but I am okay with that. I may throw one of these in from time to time, of things that interest and intrigue me, places that I have found myself.

Sometimes photography can be more than just the photographs…