2017 Selection

Christmas always feels like a kind of barren time photographically, too much going on, no time to just wander with my camera. The weather doesn’t help much either; with global warming happening rarely do we have an interesting photographic white-christmas in England anymore, instead just drizzle and dark clouds; still it does give you an excuse to look back through your back-catalogue for the year and see your images with fresh eyes.

I feel that to look at your images at a later date is to see them as a stranger would.

Photo Books – Daido Moriyama & Sean Lotman

Less emotional connection, and more critical analysis I guess. By this I mean you see them for what they are, they speak to you in a different way, a simple combination of colours, light and shadows that form one whole instant in time, a glimpse of a time now gone. This is not necessarily a good thing, emotions are important in photograph I feel, but I guess it is good and healthy to see them from both sides.


I received a couple of nice photo-books as gifts over Christmas:

DAIDO TOKYO by Daido Moriyama – which shows some of his lesser known colour work from the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Having looked at this book I am now starting to think that I actually prefer his colour images to the Monochrome stuff, as if they somehow suit his subject matter more, or maybe it is because a lot of his work is fairly gritty, shooting in colour somehow lightens their mood somehow.
And, SUNLANDERS a psychedelic offering by Sean Lotman. Sean is a fellow Instagrammer who spends a lot of time in the darkroom developing his own colour work. The particular way that he does this means there is a dream-like quality to a lot of his images, a signature look that is purely his own.

Talking of books, this has given me the impetus to get my own Photo-Book back on the rails; something I have been working on, on and off, for the past year. It is probably 90% finished and just needs a bit of last-minute tweaking; maybe I just need to let it go and publish as it is otherwise it will never be ready. Details to follow…

That’s all for now, for this year, catch you on the other side.