Mara Reboot

Blakemere Moss Lake

There is this thing I like to do at Christmas/New Year time, a tradition of sorts, a family tradition…

I like to hike.

I hike at other times of the year too, but during the festive season it is a must, there is no reason for it but tradition itself; it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I do. The rule is no matter what the weather we do it, head out into the hills and lay down some miles; if nothing else it makes you ready for your Christmas dinner when you arrive back home. Usually like to head out Christmas Day and New Years Day, this year it was New Years Eve. Weather was kind to us, warmish for December, bright sunshine, although no snow. It is kind of like a re-boot, reminiscing about the year just gone and looking forward to the year ahead.

Kind of need a good walk to do that. Empties the mind and clears the soul.

This year was a forest walk, Delamere Forest to be precise. It is all that is left of the ancient medieval forest known as Mara-and-Mondrem which once covered over 60 square-miles in Cheshire, England. Doesn’t feel that ancient now, maybe never did; it feels good though in the sparsely wooded area that I live; although could probably do with some Deer and Boar to improve things, to bring it back to how it looked when it was an ancient hunting forest of the kings.

Don’t normally take many, if any, photos on a hike, hard not to take this one. Blakemere Moss Lake came into view through the stands of pines, a low sun piercing the branches; not normally the type of shot I take, too picturesque for me maybe…

Seemed kind of right today though.