In an Instagram post once I wrote the words – A occupied chair is a piece of furniture, an empty chair is a piece of art. I have no idea if somebody else has already said those words or I am the first…

I am not sure it really matters.

I guess it can happen like this, a set of images masquerading as a series that never was, albeit only in my subconscious; you start to notice these sequences appearing from the mass of images like ships emerging from a low fog; It sounds like an odd notion, but that is how it can seem sometimes… I sometimes realise that I am attracted to certain things even though I wasn’t aware of it, then I move on and forget all about it until times such as these.

Not too sure where I am going with this, except to say I may post these types of montages from time to time as and when I notice them. So, for now I will leave you with another chair-related quote I came across recently which puts another angle on the story – Treasure those around you, for you will only realise their worth when you see their empty chair.