Story of a Photograph: Tree of Souls

Tree of Souls

Following on my SOAP series –  (Story of a Photograph)

Number 8: Tree of Souls

Sometimes things align, or at least they seem to, in ways that were not intended; A mural, a tree, a gust of wind; three seemingly individual things that came together just at the moment a guy with a camera was passing by. I wasn’t entirely sure what the mural was about; what was its meaning? There was no inscription, no additional writing to explain it, just scores of silhouetted people falling from the sky. And in front, a young sapling bending to the wind, believably as if the figures were being flung from its very branches – a tree of souls?

These types of photographs are the ones that are the hardest to come by, and happen very rarely. Maybe that is why I like them; photos that hint at the absurdity of humanity and its many facets, or maybe I just prefer the world in an abstract form?

Something to think about…