Versus: Night-Train

Following on my VERSUS series:

Number 2: Night Train

Way back in August last year I posted the first (of what I thought would be a regular series, called VERSUS). A series where I posted both the colour and BW version of a photograph side by side, as a kind of comparison of sorts. I said at the time that it seems to me that whether a shot is coloured or mono can have implications of how our minds perceive it, the stories we make-up in our minds whenever we see an image can be twisted by both light, shade and hue.

Having started the series I then promptly forgot all about it. So I thought I would resurrect it again as an irregular series (ie: when I remember to post again).

Coincidently, just like the first post, this was shot on a train, this time as I was exiting London on a hot and sweaty night in August 2016. The train had just pulled out of Marylebone Station and as I stared out of the window thinking my shooting for the day was over I noticed the other trains travelling in the opposite direction, their brightly lit windows contrasting with the darkness of the enclosing night. No doubt, just like other people who have taken similar shots, I was taken by how the series of windows resembled the frames of a negative-strip of film, almost as if what I was watching was a mini-movie projected just for me and the other passengers of my train, although most people were giving it scant regard, their heads buried as they were in their phones or newspapers…

… on a hot clamy night on the night-train out of London.