Nowhere in Particular


I wrote a blog post recently entitled – Journey to Nowhere A post where I talked about taking photographs of nowhere places; I would like to expand on that theory a little if you will be kind enough to indulge me.

As well as taking photos of nowhere places on journeys, it is also possible I feel to take images of obscure/place-less locations without actually going anywhere; by this I mean taking photos of your immediate vicinity, the things you see everyday, our inner-world. Looking back over my photographs I began to realise that was what I was doing all along; mostly I have tended to veer away from images that gave a definitive location, a stamp that tells you exactly where it is. I have done this without actually thinking about it; for years I have followed this visual-path… but only subconsciously.

I also wrote recently how I began to realise that I did other things subconsciously too, such as taking images of certain things; chairs, fish, etc, so that further down the line I began to see these sets/patterns emerging from the fog of a thousand shutter-presses. It made me wonder how much our subconscious plays a part in our photography, how much control do we really have? Sometimes I have tried to change the way I photograph, to make a definitive attempt to move in another direction… only to see, when I took my eye off the ball, that I had reverted to form.

In some ways even though our photographs may be of many things, in the end, whatever they be of they are but a mirror of ourselves; our photographs are but our subconscious self.

Reverting back to my original point, I feel that my whole photography endeavour is like this… a journey-to-nowhere, a photographic journey of nowhere-in-particular; it seems to sum up what it is that I do, to document the in-between places, the images that are of everywhere and nowhere all at the same time; eclectic, random, nondescript, and yet somehow consistently me, if that makes sense?

Photography may be visual, but it is also emotive, a reflection of our inner-self, our thoughts and emotions portrayed in a tangible and physical form. There are many blogs and videos on-line showing you how to take better images, but I have yet to find one that explains this concept of the subconscious and how to embrace it; surely the images that emerge will be a more true-you… a mirror of our quintessence and individuality. I believe it is oh-so easy to over-think photography sometimes, to get caught-up in the structure, technicalities, themes etc… maybe it is actually simpler than we realise?

Thanks for listening.