60 seconds


Experimenting with some photo/video – Adding music to photography changes those images I feel; what music you choose also decides how they change. They can take on a life of their own, become more than mere 2D-pictures, almost as if they become a story-in-images, a story where sound is the narrator…

If I had chosen different music the feeling would have been also different: Classical maybe, Blues, Drum & Bass? Yet the images would have remained the same. Another way to experience this is to flick through one of your favourite photo-books whilst listening to various albums; Bowie, Oasis, Sinatra, The Doors, Ed Sheeran, whatever you have to hand and notice how it changes the mood of the photos.

I am not really a video guy, it doesn’t interest me that much (I don’t vlog or anything); still, it was an intriguing experiment which I may come back to at some point.