One-night in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city changed
; it had to change, there was no option. Once there was a time I was almost feared to enter, it felt edgy, dangerous, out of control even as of a freight-train hurtling for oblivion; today it is a city transformed. Sure, it still has its ills just as any large city does, a dark underbelly just visible on the edge of the modern outer-skin of redevelopment, but on the whole it has reinvented itself. People from every corner of the world now flock to see its conflicting-charms like starlings heading for a roost-tree at nightfall; or maybe that should be Liver-birds for the docklands? Today it is a magnet, a magnet that draws me often, camera in hand. It is not my home, although it is the home-town of my wife, so in that way I feel a connection…

a nostalgic homecoming for her, a photographic opportunity for me.

These are not photographs of Liverpool, but rather photographs taken in Liverpool; to me there is a crucial difference. If I had simply taken photos of the former they would mean nothing to me, a mere snapshot of a city in 2018. As I have said before I don’t really see myself as a photographer in the normal sense, but more as a collector, a collector who captures images of moments I want to remember, never to be returned to moments. Also, in some ways cities are but concrete-jungles, so it is apt to me that being in Liverpool also brings a concrete familiarity of the unfamiliar, of life in the here and now, and a kind of edgy-nostalgia… a city reborn.

One night in Liverpool… to be continued.