Versus: Car Park

Following on my VERSUS series:

Number 3: Car Park

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, (I should re-name it the irregular series). Standing across the road in Liverpool on a late Summers day in 2014 transfixed by the double car-park sign, the 70’s song lyric – New York, New York, so good they named it twice going around my head; memories of standing there on the side of the cigarette-butted/flyer-strewn pavement for a few elongated minutes unable to press the shutter; something didn’t feel right.

I waited a while longer, almost giving up; the lady in the red sweater coming up the road, her dress-sense and demeanour making her seem as if she had just stepped out of the 1970’s herself, much like the song; a splash of red to contrast with the yellow of the sign, it seemed important… colour always does. I waited, then clicked as she passed the open doorway. Later on I saw a second figure way back at the rear door who I hadn’t noticed when I was there, a figure at the other end of the time-worm-hole who never made it through perhaps? Or maybe that is just my over-vivid imagination; sometimes I do enjoy the imaginary stories that photographs can throw-up.

Some might notice that the lady seems to be carrying a phone, which would ruin the 70’s theory somewhat, but from the angle of the shot it could quite easily be a pen/pencil and there is a part of me that likes that; I still remember the 70’s when I was a young boy, maybe I like to be taken back there whenever the opportunity arises; photography can do that I feel. I only recently converted the shot to BW (it never occurred to me to do it before, the shot was all about the colour); but now after time has passed I am prepared to accept it on its own merit (if it has any) as a mono shot. Does it still work as a BW? I am not sure; maybe I need another few years to think about that…

See you in 2019, with news of a forthcoming photo-book…