Winterscapes GB

Winterscapes – what else is there to do on a dull, wet wintry afternoon? A drive south a few miles out-of-town; the fields empty and serene; trees pseudo-skeletally comatose; the air frigid and bracing. I happened upon a cornfield, a cornfield where, surreally, the harvest never happened, only brown corn hanging off drooping stalks greeted my arrival; why no harvest? There was no one around to ask, all was peaceful; an odd feeling permeated the air, a feeling as if everybody had suddenly deserted this place several months ago leaving the corn in their haste.

Two hours later and I was back home, coffee in hand, wistfully contemplating winter, corn and photography. I said that the previous post was to be my last of the year, but I thought it requisite of me to post some winter-themed images before we say goodbye to 2018.

Once again, see you in 2019.