Story of a Photograph: Black Lagoon

Crosby (England GB)

Following on my SOAP series –  (Story of a Photograph)

Number 12: Black Lagoon

In my previous post about some favourite images from the previous year, I neglected to look through my analogue/film shots; I had a flick through and chose this one to make amends. It is called Black-Lagoon because somebody said it reminded them of the 50’s movie – Creature from the Black Lagoon. It was taken on the west coast of England, at a place called Crosby near Liverpool, and is one of many similar sculptures that in whole form the Antony-Gormley installation – Another Place.

There is an interesting back-story to the sculptures: They are modelled on the sculptors own naked body; which at first proved controversal, but now actually increases tourism in the area (well, if it was good enough for the Romans…); they are 6ft 2in tall and weigh over 1400lb each; there are 100 in total. They were first installed at Cuxhaven, Germany in 1997, before being moved to Stavanger, Norway, and then De Panne, Belgium. They were then installed at Crosby in the early 2000’s and have since become a permanent installation.

Depending on where they are on the beach, they can become inundated by the incoming tide, so that sometimes all that you see is the top of a head just off shore, as if they are wading out to some unseen island; or shifting sands half-submerge them up to their waists, as in this shot, marooned within its own miniature sea as it stares out across the briny-estuary. I had been to the beach a few times before, but never managed to capture a shot I was pleased with; the problem with photographing statues is that they tend to end up looking like… well, statues.

This time, I got a creature.