Here and Now

Here and Now

A semi-deserted eye clinic; only a couple of clerical offices still in operation. Kes, working late, I drive across town to pick her up; arranged time – 7PM. Eerily quiet, a sense of calm pervades the lonely corridors; minus the chatter and noise that once filled this place.

I take a stroll with my camera as Kes finishes up.

Examination chairs, illuminated eye-charts, wall clocks that no longer give the correct time; empty rooms, floral curtains; resembling a ghost-town that once reverberated like a bee-hive, it now lies as vacant as a thoughtless mind. Again, I am reminded that in photography we document the here and now, whether we like it or not; sometimes we document life…

at other times, we document its absence.











P.S. My account has been off-line for a couple of weeks; (I somehow allowed my personal domain to expire, then had trouble reinstating it to WordPress). I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say that it felt odd at first not having an on-line presence; but after a couple of days I relaxed about it, and thought, ‘so this is what it felt like before the internet took over our lives.’ I felt free of the obligation, it felt good while it lasted; sometimes I think that we, as photographers, overly depend upon such things.

Second thing to mention, is that my upcoming photo-book is almost ready to go, I am looking at a late February launch date; it has been held up a couple of times, (draft-copies going missing in the post, that kind of thing), but I am almost there.