Not far from the city of Liverpool in North-West England is a sculpture known as – Dream. A 500-tonne concrete monument of a young girl with her eyes closed in meditation; supposedly cast to represent the history of coal-mining in the area.

In total it cost almost £2 million to complete; money I dare say could have been spent in better areas, say, homelessness or crime reduction, seeing as I had to pass a burnt-out motorbike beside the path on my way up to the sculpture (which in some ways was a more fitting tribute –  the shell of an empty motorbike as a stand in for the empty space of a once busy industrial landscape). I am trying not to be negative about this, I truly am, but it does make you wonder sometimes; not just about this installation, but many others around the world. My own idea would be, that it should be a requirement that double the total cost of any public art should be raised with such projects, with half going to good causes; that way both the physical environment and the people of the area would benefit.

On a positive note I will end by saying that if nothing else it makes for a fine photographic subject. On the cold morning in question the transparent light was gleaming-bright with just a few cigarette-smoke-esque clouds floating by on a light frigid-wind, and in such conditions it was hard not to enjoy it.

Maybe I will feel better about it the next time I go?