The Lost Roll

Not sure what happened with this set of negatives; only managed to save 16 from the roll of 36, and most ended up looking like this. If anybody asks, I will just tell them it was my attempt at an early daguerreotype.

I am working through scanning a few rolls of 35mm that I shot last year; this is the first of them. It’s been that long that I am not even sure what camera I used; although maybe an old Yashica Range-Finder that I picked up in a charity-shop seems the most likely. I must admit to being a bit peeved on first seeing them, but the more I look at them the more I feel okay about them, intrigued even. Sure, you could play around with a normal image in LightRoom for a while and probably get similar results, but there is something to be said for getting it SOOTC.

I could tell that there was something amiss by how dark the negatives were; a couple of the other rolls look similar, so I will see what I get from them; hopefully a few more daguerreotype-ish ones.