Gotta get a Life

From the series – ANotherPlace

I believe it was the actor Bill Murray who said – ‘Gotta get a life, to bring life to your work.’ He may have been talking about acting, but it can also as easily be used in a photographic sense. Life has been quiet for me of late; photographic doldrums you may call it. Apparently the Doldrums is also the name given to an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds.

Seems kind of apt somehow…

I have found it hard to even find the inspiration to write for this blog, which is unlike me. Being in and out of work as I have been lately means money is tight and the opportunity to travel and bring life to my photography is scant. But they say that good photography can be taken anywhere, this is true; but it also true that there is only so often you can scrape the bottom of the jam jar before there is nothing left to spread on your toast. Our own vicinities are but a thin membrane of the over-familiar, easily used up and exhausted.

It is an interesting thought; can you still find interest in the things and places around you, even though you know them as well as the back of your own hand? Can you look at the same thing a thousand times and see something different? Thankfully, I will be able to take a break from such concerns shortly, as I have managed to gather enough money together for a short 3-day trip away for my upcoming birthday; a rare treat recently. I will write another post on my return about the trip in more detail, but it is suffice for now to say that I will be travelling to a place of mountains, lakes and vistas; it is not often that I get to capture such places, so that should give me some new material to work with; maybe even a few shots to add to the series I am currently working on – ANotherPlace.

So that is it for now… I will leave you with a shot I took recently; taken in a wheat-field (with heavy thunder and lightning approaching); in hindsight probably not the best place to be. I show it now because it was a photograph that lifted my spirits somewhat, after a few weeks of not really taking much at all that I was happy with. It was taken a short distance from my home, so I guess there is still material out there… As Winston Churchill once famously said –

‘Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about.’

Snap-shot portrait