The Orme

Being a photographer, at least an observational-type photographer, can be a lonely occupation at times. Not lonely in a sad/melancholy sort of way, but lonely as in simply being alone. Although in some ways you are never really truly in isolation it seems to me; for instance, in the city you are surrounded by the very city itself, as you meander your way through and amongst a forest of towering concrete-companions, a place where the inanimate can become real and reality just a blur; plus the city is filled with people, so it feels natural to move with the crowds and in doing so feel a part of the herd. But in the end, despite this, you are still by yourself; although I have learnt to embrace it. In fact I embraced it pretty much from the beginning, it suited me, I seemed to soak-up the solitude; I don’t believe there are many gregarious/observational photographers in the world, you need to be happy in your own company, often for long periods – enjoy the silence as I once said in a previous post.

In the country you are surrounded by nature, by the hills and mountains, by the animals and trees. So again it is hard to feel alone, but alone you are; a lone-tree walking amongst a forest of trees. In a way, you kind of just pinball your way around your own particular world, but instead of racking-up-points you rack-up photographs; I have said before that I sometimes feel more like a collector than a photographer – collecting fragments of reality one piece at a time with no end to the puzzle in sight… not that I ever want it to end anyway.

A few thoughts. A realisation that as a photographer we are everywhere and see everything, yet at the same time remain singular and isolated; a lone-bird in a crowded sky. We wander (saunter), with a freedom to shoot whatever intrigues us (free as a bird); thinking this way has encouraged me to change my instagram-username to suit – you can now find me @saunterbird.

Thanks for the listen.

(Above image is from my ongoing series – ANotherPLACE).